Learn Finnish

Woman learning Finnish


Public beta

We have been working really hard to get Learn Finnish ready. However, summer is here and we still have so much to do! Therefore we are announcing the launch of our public beta programme. Until we have built Learn Finnish in full, we are inviting people to register to use the app free of charge. Only a limited amount of functionality is currently available but we invite you to enjoy what we have built so far.

Current functionality includes:

  • Hundreds of words to learn in our vocabulary section, browsable by category and word type
  • Use the word lookup to quickly get definitions
  • Our first five lessons have been written
  • Our first exercise has been built
  • Two multiple choice vocabulary quiz games
  • Word search generator
  • Our first four travel guides have been written
  • Restaurant guide

We are interested in hearing your feedback about the functionality we have built so far: too get in touch to let us know what you think!